Classic Leopard Socks - ONLY 3 PAIRS LEFT
Classic Leopard Socks - ONLY 3 PAIRS LEFT
Classic Leopard Socks - ONLY 3 PAIRS LEFT


Classic Leopard Socks - ONLY 3 PAIRS LEFT

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The classic leopard socks, perfect for all the adventures. But can you keep up with those fast little leopard feet? The only socks that stay on little ones feet and also look good. The perfect gift for little leopard lovers. Makes the family's feet a little extra together, with matching leopard socks for the whole family.

Put your socks in one of our new gift boxes and treat someone you love this Christmas. We can even send the gift directly to the recipient. Search gift box or find them with all the socks for more info!

90% cotton, 10% lycra (OEKO_TEX certified). 

Designed in Sweden. 
Made in Turkey.  

Antislip on sizes 16-21 + 22-27 (6 months - 4 years). Oeko tex certified, free from Phataltes.  

Oeko-tex certified. We have assigned the socks our own quality logotype, "Heart Lover", which stands for environmental awareness and caring about its wearer.

The biggest climate thief is consumption and above all overconsumption. Everybody still needs socks. If you buy good socks you can have them for a long time, sell or give to another explorer. Each sock has it's very own personality and its own saga. This is because we want to make the socks fun for the kids. This, we think, is a way to a more conscious consumption where you buy great things that you actually need.