Hornbill Leggings - HURRY! Only 2 left
Hornbill Leggings - HURRY! Only 2 left
Hornbill Leggings - HURRY! Only 2 left


Hornbill Leggings - HURRY! Only 2 left

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Borneo Blast the brand new collection from Mullido.

Our comfortable stretch jersey leggings allow your child to romp around and play in any conditions! Super stretchy, pleasant to the touch and perfectly fitted. It is said that only children and leggings tell the whole truth. We assure you that our leggings will not lie to any girl!

Made of the highest quality organic cotton with a GOTS certificate. The print was applied digitally with ecological and certified inks. The product is 100% Polish, created from start to finish in harmony with nature and the environment. Stretchy enough to ensure maximum comfort when your child wears it.

Composition: 92% GOTS-certified organic cotton, 8% elastane

Take care of the products and enjoy them as long as possible – machine wash at 30°C (86°F). Do not dry in direct sunlight. Avoid drying in a tumble dryer.

The photos are for illustration only – the layout of the pattern may differ on every product.


If you’re walking through the jungle and you suddenly hear an approaching helicopter – probably it’s not a helicopter. Most likely it’s a hornbill – a beautiful bird with a very distinguished beak, that is an undisputed symbol of Borneo.

The hornbill’s wingspan can exceed one-a-half meter and it is said that you can hear the flapping of their wings a half mile away! Until today, nobody ever has watched a hornbill drink. It compensates its fluid requirements with the juice from fruits.

Hornbills can be called monkey’s best friends. They eat the insects that annoy monkeys and as a return, the monkeys give warning calls when they see humans. A perfect cooperation, isn’t it?